A game-changer for chronic


Achieve total and faster wound healing with AUP-16, a topical cell therapy that accelerates healing of diabetic foot ulcers and other chronic, non-healing wounds.

Chronic and non-healing wound treatment is


Many available products can treat symptoms or target limited steps in the wound healing pathway: traditional or moist wound dressings, negative pressure wound therapy, cell and tissue based products, skin substitutes, growth factors.... Aurealis Therapeutics’ four-in-one topical treatment, AUP-16, accelerates healing by targeting multiple wound healing pathways and promoting tissue regeneration. Our unique technology overcomes the limitations of combining current treatments or combining existing therapeutic protein treatments, replacing them with a single therapeutic agent.


One medicine has the benefits of four therapeutics

AUP-16 is a safe and effective recombinant live biotherapeutic product that features a patented active bacterial vector containing three therapeutic proteins (FGF2, IL4, and CSF1), produced continuously at the site of the wound, providing a combination biologic treatment in one product.

AUP for treatment of diabetic foot ulcer

This novel therapeutic is backed by pre-clinical and clinical results in wide-ranging applications like diabetic foot ulcers, other non-healing wounds, and inflammatory diseases. AUP-16 is made from live, food-grade bacteria and has the power to accelerate and provide complete wound healing, making future amputations unnecessary.

This remarkable advancement is ideal for patients who only achieve partial response to wound care dressings and treatment of symptoms. As opposed to the existing standard of care, AUP-16 promotes tissue regeneration in the wound to activate healing from within.

Highlights of AUP-16


cell therapy stimulates
tissue regeneration


protein production
at the site of injury

Topical Application

makes it easy to


modified food-
grade bacteria

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